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Dry Eyes

Dry eye clinic to diagnose and treat with the latest therapy for improved comfort in our dry environment.

Dry Eye Disease is a condition caused by the body not producing adequate tears to lubricate the eye.  This is dependent on the quality and quantity of the tears.  If the body does not have enough tears or produces poor quality tears, it can lead to dry eyes.  Dry eyes can cause a stinging and burning sensation, light sensitivity, eye redness, blurry vision, poor nighttime vision and difficulty wearing contact lenses. Our team of doctors can help patients suffering from dry eye disease.  We can alleviate eye pain and restore lubrication to your eyes.

 Our eye doctors will assess your medical history and find the root cause of your dry eyes.  We evaluate your tear glands and cornea’s health to provide additional information about the cause of your symptoms. 

 As part of your consultation we will work to find a daily routine that is beneficial to your eyes. 


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