Meet the Doctors

  • Dr.
    David Kaplan

    Dr. David Kaplan graduated from the Pennsylvaina College of Optometry in 1982 where he was selected for a specialty rotation through the William Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center, renowned as one of the leading low vision centers in the world.  He received his undergraduate degree with Biology Departmental Honors from Arcadia University.


    Dr. Kaplan has been the owner of Family EyeCare since 1989, and has been practicing optometry with an emphasis on GERIATRIC VISION CARE AND PATHOLOGY. Prior to joining Family EyeCare he worked for three of the largest cataract and refractive surgery practices in Phoenix and Sun City as Director of Optometric and Low Vision Services. He is medically certified to diagnose and treat diseases of the eye and can provide consultations for LASIK and other refractive surgeries, GLAUCOMA management, CATARACT development, and other ocular conditions requiring surgical care.


    Dr. Kaplan has been recognized nationally as Optometric Business Innovator- 2011, and the Best of Glendale (Optometry) 2012.  He has also been appointed Adjunct Faculty at Arizona College of Optometry.


    Dr. Kaplan is a member of the Arizona Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association. In his spare time, he likes to play golf., hike, read, and spend time with his family and dogs.

  • Dr.
    James Lewis

    Dr. Lewis graduated from Southern California College of Optometry in 2005 and received his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University. Dr. Lewis joined Family EyeCare in 2005 and is excited to be affiliated with this great practice. He is fluent in Spanish and looks forwards to taking care of his patients' eye care needs. He is familiar with the latest advances in CONTACT LENS technology and fits many specialty bifocal, astigmatism and keratoconus contact lenses. Many of his patients are referred to him being told they could never wear contact lenses.

    He is medically certified to diagnose and treat diseases of the eye and can provide consultations for LASIK and other refractive surgeries, GLAUCOMA management, CATARACT development, and other ocular conditions requiring surgical care. Dr. Lewis is a member of the Arizona Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association. He enjoys staying up to date with the ever-changing field of optometry. Dr. Lewis enjoys spending time with other Optometrists discussing the art of improved clinical skills.

    Dr. Lewis has been appointed Adjunct Faculty at Arizona College of Optometry and teaches a course in practice management for Midwestern University.

    In his spare time Dr. Lewis loves to golf, run, and spend time with his wife, three daughters, and son.

  • Dr.
    Barbara Lee

    Dr. Barbara Lee comes from a small town in Nebraska, where she had to walk through three feet of snow, uphill, when going to school as a child.  That's when the tornadoes weren't sending the town occupants through the air.  After graduating high school as Salutatorian, she attended Mount Marty College in South Dakota, graduating cum laude with a bachelor's in Chemistry.  She loved those beakers!  She attended graduate school in Oregon at Pacific University College of Optometry, where she graduated with honors in her doctorate degree.  She has since taken several of her dogs to obedience training courses, hoping they'd excel at their studies like their mother.  To her disappointment, they, more or less, received certificates of participation.

    Since graduating in 1992, she has practiced in the Phoenix area all but four years of her career, having also practiced for shorter periods in Nebraska and Minnesota.  She'll always be a Husker, no matter how tough her football team makes that for her.

    Dr. Lee offers a wide range of optometric care.  Her special interest in developmental vision involves binocular vision and convergence abilities that affect how the eyes team together to create depth perception and less visual confusion; the tolerance of the accommodative demands on the eyes with close work and screen time; and the brain's ability to use both eyes equally rather than having a significant weakness or even suppression on one side.  She receives referrals to work with patients who need prism because of double vision caused by head injury or stroke.  A prescription can be life-altering for someone who can't trust what they see because their eyes won't work together.  Though she no longer does full vision therapy, she gives direction with basic eye exercises and co-manages when necessary with vision therapy professionals in the area.  The first step is getting the proper diagnosis and a plan on where to go from there.

    Dr. Lee was part of Family Eyecare Associates originally from 1994 to 2008 and is thrilled to return to her professional home in 2020.  Having built a reputation as a pediatric/developmental optometrist, Dr. Lee is returning to her roots with Dr. Kaplan, and couldn't be happier. 

    She has worked with a broad range of ocular diseases, infections, and other health risks.  Dr. Lee is qualified to work with Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, Dry Eye Syndrome, Strabismus, Amblyopia, Diabetic Retinopathy, and more.  Like Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Lewis, she works closely with Phoenix ophthalmologists when patients need surgical intervention or other consultations.  And, of course, an important part of her daily care is prescribing spectacle and contact lens corrections of all kinds.

    Dr. Lee is unfortunate in the language department.  Though she has supposedly mastered English, she has attempted Spanish, German, French, and Greek, all without success.  She practices American Sign Language with deaf patients that use it, though she always strives to become more fluent.

    Volunteering has been important to Dr. Lee for decades.  Over the years, she has volunteered her optometric skills to the homeless and others in need; she has worked with various animal shelters in the Phoenix area; she visits with and shops for elderly folks who are isolated, and she has prepared meals for families of children staying at Phoenix Children's Hospital. 

    Dr. Barbara Lee and her husband have three dogs: Daisy, Peanut, and Benny.  The Lees are Super Aunt and Uncle to their beloved niece and nephew in Minnesota.  With her husband, Dr. Lee loves walking their dogs every day at dawn, going for hikes, heading up north for the weekend, and traveling just about anywhere.  Norway and Scotland are two of their favorites.  Dr. Lee loves to cook and tries new recipes each week.  She's an avid reader and wears Harry Potter socks regularly to see if Potter fans notice the Gryffindor insignia or number 9 ¾.  She also writes- four novels and a short story so far.  After lots of editing and occasionally having to stop herself from deleting hundreds of pages at a time, she hopes to publish someday. 
    She really likes cookies.

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