Dry Eye FAQ

Your eyes are complex organs that consist of several delicate parts. Even something as simple as a lack of moisture can damage eyes or create discomfort. Dry eye is a condition that many individuals suffer from. You'll want to find an optometrist in Glendale to treat your dry eye and keep your eyes working as efficiently as possible. At Family Eyecare of Glendale in Glendale, AZ we can treat dry eye as well as a variety of other eye conditions.


What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye occurs when the eyes don't produce an adequate amount of moisture. Moisture is produced in the form of tears through the tear ducts. A person will often experience dry eyes if enough tears aren't produced or if the tears are of poor quality. When looking for eye care near me, you'll want to find qualified primary eye care in Glendale to provide you with dry eye relief.

What are the Symptoms of Dry Eye?

The following are several symptoms often associated with dry eye.

  • Eye Redness
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Blurry Vision
  • Burning or Scratching Sensation
  • Poor Nighttime Vision
  • Difficulty Wearing Contacts

How Can I Find Dry Eye Relief?

There are several options available when seeking relief from the symptoms of dry eye. An optometrist in Glendale will conduct a thorough eye exam before prescribing a course of treatment. A few options might include using over-the-counter tear solutions for mild cases. Prescription eye drops and supplements may be necessary to increase tear production. Eyelid cleaners are sometimes used to reduce inflammation in the eyes. 

Where Can I Find an Optometrist Near Me?

When seeking out eye care near me, you'll want to take a few important steps before selecting an optometrist in Glendale. The nearest optometrist, while convenient, may not always provide the best care for your specific needs. You'll want to check the optometrist's credentials and any reviews you're able to find. You'll also want to find out if the optometrist has experience treating the conditions you have. Finally, when looking for the nearest optometrist, check if the practice is keeping up with the latest technological treatment options.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Optometrist in Glendale, AZ for Dry Eye Relief

At Family Eyecare of Glendale, we provide a variety of eye care services. We offer both vision and medical eye exams, treatment for glaucoma, cataracts, and the latest therapy for dry eyes. We also feature advanced optical technology such as retinal photography and digital anti-fatigue lenses. When looking for an optometrist near me in AZ, be sure to contact Family Eyecare of Glendale. Call us today at (602) 843-2900 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our optometrist.

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