Contact Lens Fittings

Those with poor vision often consider getting fitted for contact lenses and must first seek their optometrist for a contact lens fitting. A contact lens exam helps determine the contact lens prescription and ensures the eyes are healthy enough to wear contact lenses safely. After the comprehensive eye exam, an optometrist on our team will fit you for a pair of contacts for you to test out for a few days. Then, upon later review, an eye doctor on our team will write the contact lens prescription so you can order more contacts. 


If you are considering contact lenses, schedule a contact lens fitting with Family Eyecare of Glendale in Glendale, AZ. 

How a Contact Lens Exam Differs from a Routine Eye Exam

A routine eye exam looks at the eyes where the doctor checks for signs of severe health conditions and determines if you need vision correction or not. Additionally, the eye doctor looks for signs of glaucoma and checks the fluid pressure within the eyes. An optometrist on our team may or may not dilate your eyes. 

A contact lens exam may include everything a comprehensive eye exam does, and special tests required for contact lens wearers. During a contact lens exam, an optometrist on our team evaluates your eyes through tests to determine if you can wear contacts. First, an eye doctor on our team measures the surface of your eye and conducts a tear film evaluation. 

Contact Lens Fitting

The contact lens fitting is where the eye doctor shows you how to insert and remove your contacts using a trial pair of contacts. For those new to wearing contacts, it might feel strange at first to touch your eye’s surface, but you will become a pro at this in no time. Then the optometrist will check your eyes after a few minutes of wear to ensure your vision is clear and you are comfortable. An eye doctor on our team may also check to see how the contact lenses are sitting on the eye's surface using a slit lamp. 

An eye doctor on our team may send you home to wear the contact lenses for a few days and have you return to their office. During this follow-up appointment, an optometrist on our team can review how your contact lenses fit and discuss any questions you may have. If all looks good, they may send you home with a new contact lens prescription.

Call to Schedule an Appointment with an Optometrist on Our Team

If you want a contact lens fitting with an optometrist, schedule an appointment with Family Eyecare of Glendale. We have been helping patients switch to contact lenses in Glendale, AZ, while offering various eye care treatments. Call our office at(602) 843-2900 to schedule a contact lens exam with one of our eye doctors.

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