Top 5 Causes of Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Leading Causes of Dry Eye

When you have dry eye, you likely have uncomfortable symptoms. It can be frustrating, making it harder to see and carry out your everyday tasks. There are many ways people get dry eye. When you need to be assessed and treated for dry eye, call our Glendale, AZ, optometry center to make your eye exam appointment.

Growing Older

Aging is a common cause of this eye condition. As people age, their eyes make less of the film they need to protect them. This tear film is significant for lubricating the eyes and keeping them comfortable. When there isn't enough, dry eye can ensue.


It's common for medications to cause a patient to develop dry eye. Antidepressants are widely used, and many of them can cause dry eye. The same is true for allergy medications and immunosuppressant medicines. These medications are highly needed to treat problems, but dry eye can be an unwanted side effect.

Unprotected Eyes

The wind can adversely affect your eyes when you're outdoors regularly without sunglasses. Wind in your eyes can cause the tear film on your eyes to rapidly evaporate before more can be made, leading to dry eye. Sunglasses can allow your tear film to stay in place longer for more comfort.

Air-Conditioning and Fans

Having high-powered fans or too much air-conditioning in your room can lead to dry eye. Turn down the air conditioning so it won't blow as often, and move fans so they won't blow toward your eyes.

Dry Air

It's well known that dry air causes dry eye. When the air is dry, it pulls moisture from the eyes, which leads to not having enough tears to film the look.

Get Treated for Dry Eye

If you have dry eye, you need an eye exam at our optometry center. Visit us at our clinic, Family Eyecare of Glendale, or call (602) 843-2900 to schedule an appointment in Glendale, AZ.

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